Medical Malpractice: Birth Injuries Lawyer

Pittsburgh Birth Injury Lawyers with over 20 years of Attorney experience, The Law Offices of Michael O'Day can be there to "Make IT Right". Negligence is a regular cause of traumatic injuries during a child’s birth. Here at The Law Offices of Michael O’day, our team of attorneys and expert medical specialists pride help families and individuals discover whether medical mistakes were in fact responsible for these distressing

Birth injuries can occur during the delivery procedure or by incorrect prenatal care. If a doctor or nurse does not recognize fetal suffering or responds too sluggishly your child may suffer a permanent disability that will last a lifetime. 

Common Delivery Mistakes include:

Failure to monitor fetal strips

Failure to execute caesarean section

Misinterpreted fetal strips

Incorrect use of forceps or vacuum

Was There Malpractice?

The Pittsburgh birth injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael O’Day are devoted to helping persons and families affected by negligence during birth.

Our law firm delivers the uppermost quality of legal representation to injured clients throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Pregnancy and delivery of a baby have natural risks. But skilled physicians and ground-breaking technology have largely eliminated impediments that once took the lives of mothers and caused infant injury and death.

Giving child birth in a industrialized modern country should not have the same risks as having a child in a third-world settlement. But it does have these risks if the doctor is negligent. Even with all of the high tech tests and ultrasounds.  

Doctors are human and can make mistakes while delivering a child. In America, these are considered avoidable accidents and are known as “negligence” and result in liability.

Obstetricians, hospital nurses and other health care professionals who make medical mistakes in the delivery room are accountable to reimburse a child or family for any injuries they may cause them. Examples of preventable birth injuries include: Fetal distress/ Brain damageIntracranial bleedingErb’s palsyNerve damageFetal death Forceps, vacume scarsCerebral palsyFacial paralysisShoulder dystociaHematoma, and  hemorrhage.