Brain Injuries

Personal Injury Brain Injuries

 Pittsburgh Lawyer Michael O’Day understands the bodily, emotional, and monetary complications that survivors of severe head/brain injuries face throughout their lengthy recovery. The law Offices of Michael O’Day fights on behalf of brain injury victims throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  When a victim’s head makes forceful contact with another object, is brutally shaken, or is impaled by an object, the brain can undergo major injury. Brain injuries can also occur when the brain is deprived of oxygen or exposed to contaminants or electrical shock. People who suffer brain injuries can be left with severe limitations in their capability to reason, feel certain sensations, communicate, and recall memories. The victim may be rendered powerless when it comes to moving parts of their body or regulating numerous bodily functions. Traumatic brain injuries can also lead to marked changes in performance. At worst, they can lead to a coma, a life in a vegetative state, or even death.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, approximately 1.5 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injuries each year. 50,000 of them die each year, and 270,000 are hospitalized. The people most likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury are very young children, teenagers between 15-19, and those who are over 65.  The most common incidents of brain injury in the U.S. include slip and falls, sports, athletic-related incidents, assault, and vehicle accidents. When a brain injury is caused by someone else's negligence, for example by the negligence of a private property owner who did not remove a dangerous circumstance on his or her property, or failed to provide adequate security for visitors or workers. If this is the case, the injured victim may pursue compensation for all the harm suffered.  Dealing with a brain injury can be very costly and take a very long time to recover if at all. The testing required to diagnose a brain injury is very expensive, and subsequent treatments may include hospitalization, surgeries, medications, and extensive rehabilitation therapies lasting a lifetime. Because of this, victims with brain injuries often seek compensation for their medical bills (both past and future), lost wages, lessening of their ability to earn a living, pain and suffering, loss of ability to appreciate life, and so much more.  The law offices of Michael O’Day uses the very best experts to determine the full extent the injuries and to evaluate the impact of those injuries on the victims’ lives. Working hard to establish clearly how a brain injury will affect the rest of our clients' lives is a key to success when we are at trial.