Medical Malpractice: Cancer Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

 When a individual goes to the physician, often because he or she does not feel well or thinks something is wrong, it is rational to expect that the doctor will be able to tell you what is happening. Sometimes, patients are sent away with assurances that everything is fine, even though that is far
from the case. Regrettably, the failure to diagnose cancer in a timely manner can let invaluable treatment time pass by.


At the Pittsburgh law offices of Michael O’Day, our knowledgeable attorneys recognize that time is of the essence when it comes to cancer diagnosis. Physicians should not send away patients who need treatment or tell someone that cancer is untreatable when a patient has options. All of these may
be examples of malpractice and doctors should be held accountable for these kinds of errors.


Did you know? People go to physicians because of their expert knowledge, and when a physician fails to identify cancer correctly and in a well-timed manner, he or she may have failed to meet the legal responsibility to the patient.