Criminal Cases: Drug Offenses

 People don't hire me to cut a deal—they hire me to hear a "not guilty" verdict.

When state and federal law enforcement pick someone up for a drug crime, it's common to pile on charges. Simple possession becomes possession with intent to sell, sale becomes distribution, distribution becomes trafficking.

The penalties for drug offenses can increase dramatically, based on the quantity of drugs involved and their intended use.

I tackle any drug law violation or narcotics charge, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Importation
  • Transportation
  • Cultivation and sales
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking and manufacture of methamphetamine and/or possession of chemicals (e.g. ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine)

When you're facing serious charges, contact me immediately. I have handled hundreds of jury and non-jury trials both as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. I am experienced in spotting problems with the government's case and challenging these problems in court. My goal is to keep illegally obtained evidence away from the jury.

If the evidence is admitted, the government still needs to be able to prove that the drugs were actually in your possession, under your control, or otherwise clearly belonging to you.

This can be extremely difficult to prove, especially when drugs are found in an area where many people have access, or where the drugs found were not under your exclusive control.

The government or the Commonwealth has to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and it is my job as an attorney to create doubt in order to prevent conviction.

It takes an attorney with confidence and knowledge to deal with the authorities when it comes to defending individuals against drug charges. If you have been accused or charged with such a crime, please contact my office immediately.