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Pittsburgh DUI Lawyers, A DUI charge can be a perplexing and traumatic experience, especially if it's your first time dealing with an arrest. The first step after being charged with a DUI is to contact a Pittsburgh DUI attorney for a consultation on your case. PA DUI law is very detailed and will require advice from an experienced lawyer who can successfully resolve your charge. Because severe consequences can result from a drunk driving conviction, a powerful defense strategy is essential. You must understand your rights before proceeding with the legal process.

Choosing the right DUI attorney to work with you on your case is critical. Because of possible obstacles associated with DUI law in Pennsylvania, it is also essential to be represented by a lawyer who understands both sides of the law, the prosecution, and the defense. Michael O'Day has spent years working with DUI cases as an Assistant District Attorney in Pittsburgh. This experience gave him inside knowledge of the tactics commonly used by prosecutors and police officers in drunk driving cases. As a defense attorney, Michael O'Day has seasoned investigation and cross-examination strategies and has represented clients in jury trials for more than 20 years.

After the arrest, you'll receive notice of your preliminary hearing, which you must attend. Even if you have a simple DUI charge, you'll need to speak with an attorney before appearing before the judge. Avoid going in and pleading guilty, even though it may seem like the easiest recourse. In Pennsylvania, there are first offender programs that can result in a charge being dismissed and a petition filed for an expungement of the DUI arrest. The prosecution must prove that you are guilty of drunk driving based on the evidence. There is always the possibility of reducing the charge to something other than a DUI.
The Penalties for DUI in Pennsylvania

Every one of our clients deserves a strong defense when charged with an offense, especially a DUI or DWI charge that can have severe repercussions on a person's lifestyle and current/future employment. Because of the sometimes tragic consequences often caused by drunk driving, the state of Pennsylvania has changed its laws over the years, enacting stricter penalties for DUI. In 2003, Act 24 was passed, which decreased the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) from .10 to .08% and made alcohol treatment part of the penalty for drinking and driving charges.

Based on your level of intoxication and other factors, a BAC under .10 percent usually results in a $300 fine, no license suspension or jail time, and a six-month probation period.

A Court Reporting Network  (CRN) evaluation is required, which is used to determine if a more comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment is necessary.

Another circumstance is Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS). This twelve-hour class demonstrates the basics of driving, alcohol abuse, drug problems and teaches how alcohol affects one's metabolism, decisions, and the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Consequences are based on your blood alcohol content during the incident, how many DUI convictions you have had in the past, and whether or not injuries and damages have been caused by your deficiency while driving. You must install an ignition interlock system for one year if you have a second or third offense. Alcohol abuse screenings, treatments, and community service requirements may also be ordered.

Defending a DUI Case

Our experienced Pittsburgh DUI lawyers will do everything required to defend clients against the DUI drinking and driving charges filed by the prosecution. We must make pretrial motions to suppress evidence when police officers make mistakes and inaccuracies. Was there reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle? Or probable cause to make the DUI arrest? The defense must cross-examine officers to expose these mistakes. When argued successfully, a DUI case can be dismissed or the charge substantially reduced.

A DUI conviction can permanently alter your life by affecting your ability to drive, your job, your future employment opportunities, and your freedom. The penalties for a DUI in PA are potentially severe, mainly when it is not your first offense.

Over the years, prosecutors and police have increased efforts to catch and prosecute motorists for drunk driving. At the Pittsburgh-based Law Offices of Michael O'Day, we help clients who have been accused of exceeding the legal limit of .08. A conviction for driving under the influence, or DUI, can have severe repercussions in the future. You need an experienced and dedicated DUI attorney to defend your rights.

DUI and DWI are both names for the crime of operating a vehicle while impaired. Alcohol is the most common source of impairment though other substances can be the basis for a DUI charge. We assist clients in challenging breathalyzer tests, challenging blood tests, verifying the certification of the police officers who administered those tests, as well as challenging the initial probable cause for the stop. We aggressively defend our clients' best interests from the moment we become your attorneys. We work discreetly to protect our clients from unnecessary embarrassment.

Our Pittsburgh DUI Lawyers help clients with pretrial intervention programs meant to protect your record and your license. If you already have a previous DUI, we can help defend you against charges of driving with a suspended license. People accused of being repeat offenders have the same rights as those who have never been charged. Don't let the police and prosecutors intimidate you.​

Contact our Pittsburgh DUI Lawyers today and schedule your free initial consultation. We can help you protect yourself against charges of DUI driving under the influence in Pittsburgh and South Western Pennsylvania. Our Pittsburgh DUI defense lawyers are available 24 hours a day, including weekends, to ensure that our clients get the help they need when they need it.