Pittsburgh Workplace Injury Lawyers

Have you been Injured on the job?

If you are the victim of a workplace injury or if you get injured at work in Pittsburgh or anywhere in PA, contact your supervisor, shift manager or anyone in charge of you immediately. If no one can be reached, leave a message for one of them with details explaining exactly how you became injured and be sure to follow up with the person that you messaged the next day. You have to report the work injury to your supervisor unless your company has a unique policy for reporting.    

Make sure that you are a detailed as possible when you report the injury to your manager. Clarify precisely how you became injured on the job and include details about the body parts you injured. Report all injuries not matter how small they seem at the time. Seemingly minor aches and pains can turn into larger complications as time goes on.  

Fill out an injury report and be sure to be specific when describing the injuries. Make sure to put the correct date and time of the incident on the form. Make sure to get a copy of the form right then and there.    

Get the proper medical attention as soon as possible. Your company will be able to send you to a physician, company nurse or hospital. When a list of medical providers is not available, go to the nearest hospital for treatment.

120 days is the magic number from the time you get injured to report a work injury. The more timely you report your injury the better.

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