Pittsburgh Laparoscopic Surgery Injury Lawyers

Pittsburgh Laparoscopic Surgery Injury Lawyers

If you have had an injury that may have been avoided when undertaking a surgical procedure, you may have a medical malpractice suit. At The Law offices of Michael O’Day., we offer experienced representation as Pittsburgh laparoscopic surgery injury attorneys. We are ready to deal with these distinctive medical error situations across Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our clients' health and financial situation are the priority. We work with every client and his or her family closely to deliver them the finest service and personal representation through every stage of the legal proceedings.

Contact our Pittsburgh, office online or by telephone at (412) 281-1212  to schedule a free initial consultation. Pittsburgh Lawyers with A vast Knowledge In Surgical Error Laparoscopic surgery is not as invasive as many other surgical methods and can often produce promising outcomes with less scaring and sooner recovery times for the patients. Unfortunately, the very landscape of laparoscopic surgery leaves surgeons facing many boundaries. It takes an experienced Pittsburgh surgeon to perform the procedure correctly without unanticipated costs to the patients health. 

The Pittsburgh surgeon's ability to correctly recognize interior tissue and organs is one of the greatest aspects of a laparoscopic surgery. Using just a miniature camera and introduced instruments, the surgeon must recognize the right routes to ensure that only certain tissue is cut. Even scraping the incorrect tissue with a tool or any other medical device can cause serious trauma. In many cases, these injuries lead to life-long medical costs or even fatal injuries for the patient. If you or a family member has been injured through any type of surgery or has had difficulties after surgery, do not accept it is customary. You may have a serious medical malpractice case.

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