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Pittsburgh Medical malpractice lawyers with over 20 years of experience. Medical malpractice is defined as inadequate, unskillful, or negligent handling of a patient by a health care professional. Medical malpractice may lead to a number of serious conditions that can negatively impact your life and your loved ones.  Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice law firm can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

So Many suffering from medical Malpractice don’t realize that their condition was the result of medical malpractice. The victims just continue suffering and continue seeking treatment for something that was the result of a medical professional’s mistake. This is why it helps to have Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers working on your side to thoroughly investigate your very unique situation and determine if medical malpractice negligence is the cause of your medical malpractice injury or loved one’d death.

Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers know your rights and are ready to go to trial if needed.  Some law firms will settle your Pittsburgh medical malpractice case early without a fight. Our medical malpractice lawyers treat your case with the care and personal attention that you deserve.

Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers must first determine if you have a medical malpractice case worth pursuing. That is the reason for the consultation. Medical malpractice cases are very involved and in some cases require experts and special investigators to prove that your loss, suffering and injury did in fact result from medical malpractice.  The worst thing you can do is wait it out and let time pass. Get a consultation from our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers as soon as safely possible or have a family member contact us.

How did you suffer from the alleged medical malpractice?

The damage that result from medical malpractice can come in several forms such as physical injury, monetary damage and even quality of life. The list goes on. Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys will work with you in determining the damages that the medical malpractice incident incurred. 

Medical Malpractice Errors are made by workers in the healthcare industry. 

Medical malpractice errors are made during testing, diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients. The Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys and lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael O’Day can help you file a claim. You can take Legal action against these healthcare professionals and institutions:



    Personal Care Physicians


    Nursing Aides

    Nursing homes


    Oral Surgeons


    Other healthcare workers


    Nursing homes


What is considered medical malpractice?


Medical malpractice happens when a healthcare provider is negligent – The health care provider either performs or omits something that is considered reasonably expected medical practice – and causes harm to the patient through the negligence.


If  the procedure was not successful, is this considered medical malpractice in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?


Medical professionals cannot promise medical results. When an negative result happens it does not automatically mean there was malpractice.

Medical Malpractice cases

Hospital Infections

Birth Injuries
Nursing Home Abuse

Failure to Diagnose

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Anesthesia Error

Medication Errors

Radiation Overdose

Do I have a medical Malpractice case in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?


If you believe that you have a medical malpractice case, talk to one of our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers immediately. Tell your attorney what occurred starting from the beginning. Please provide our medical malpractice lawyers with your medical records.

The task of substantiating medical malpractice is in the hands of the plaintiff in the lawsuit, and any individual who alleges medical malpractice must prove these four conditions have been met.

A duty of care was owed by the physician.

The physician violated the applicable standard of care.

The person suffered a Compensable injury.

The injury was proximately caused by the substandard conduct.

Our Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice lawyers have the experience to help determine if your situation meets this criteria. 

Common examples of a medical malpractice case include situations such as misdiagnosis, the misinterpretation of lab results, unnecessary or incorrect surgery, incorrect medication, poor follow up care, premature release from the healthcare facility, failure to order proper test or identify symptoms, and paying no attention to the patient history.


The Stats around Medical Malpractice?


Nearly half of all malpractice trials were against surgeons in 65 of the largest counties in the U.S.

Nearly thirty Percent of medical malpractice trials were against non-surgeons in 65 of the largest counties in the U.S.

It is estimated that 20% of practicing physicians are sued annually.

It is estimated that half of all practicing physicians are sued at least once during their career.

Over 191,800 medical malpractice reports were made to the NTDB regarding physicians in the U.S. between 1990 and 2004

The most commonly sued specialty in medical malpractice cases is internal medicine.

The most common reason for medical malpractice lawsuits was failure to diagnose at 34%, followed by failure to treat at 16%, informed consent at 3.5%, and several others making up the remaining cases.

Medical malpractice is more common than you think. A Medical Malpractice case is when a doctor, hospital, or other healthcare provider fails to provide the quality of care that is mandatory by community standards.  Our lawyers know what to look for in even the most difficult cases of medical malpractice. 

Poor medical results occur each and every day in Pennsylvania and, in many situations, the results might have been avoided had appropriate care been delivered. While there are countless good doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities, often the demands lower overall operation costs result in healthcare errors.

 Having to prove that medical negligence took place is no easy task. 

For apparent reasons, those involved in neglectful care are seldom willing to document their mistakes. As a result this, Michael O’Day Law frequently hires experts to look beyond the medical records to decide whether malpractice occurred.

Michael O’Day Law specializes in the in depth review of medical malpractice cases, searching through thousands of pages of medical records looking for evidence that the negative medical outcome could have been evaded through the use of proven practices. If there is a case for medical malpractice our Pittsburgh Lawyers will find the information needed to make a very strong case. 

In many cases material that is absent from medical records turns out to be very useful in establishing that malpractice had occurred.  A form of medical malpractice that is becoming all too common are birth injuries. Birth injuries in many cases arise in the course of a pregnancy or during delivery that are overlooked or even ignored, resulting in tragic consequences.  Mistakes involving prescription drugs are unfortunately on the rise.

While in many cases the medical malpractice error is detected with enough time to respond, often the patient has no knowledge of the mistake and severe, sometimes catastrophic injuries occur.  It is important to seek out and use the very best experts to decide the nature and extent of the injuries caused by negligence. Physicians are usually willing to provide some amount of information about our client’s future restrictions and the future impact of the injuries.

We use the top experts in the field from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and across the country to provide the most inclusive analysis of these concerns in order to prove negligence our cases. We find that, by providing this type of detailed and comprehensive analysis to insurance companies. In many cases insurance companies will settle. 

What types of compensation will be allowed in a medical malpractice case? 

This medical malpractice compensation will depend on the specific injuries incurred. The type of damages that might be available to the casualty of medical malpractice in a case involving a serious debilitating neurological injury would be very different than a situation where, a surgical tool was negligently left inside of a person’s body after a surgical procedure. The patient may need additional money to have a surgery procedure to extract the medical object as well as a more or less level of compensation to address the pain and suffering they have experienced. An patient who has underwent a major neurological injury, may have continuing therapy requirements for the rest of his or her life or, if the injury is major, the victim may require charges to take care of his or her every need for the rest of their life.  There is no fixed strategy for determining compensations. Every injury situation has to be viewed and considered on its own qualities. It is prudent to retain legal advice to help an injured individual in making an suitable evaluation.

Medical Malpractice resulting in a Wrongful Death

When medical error resulted in the death of a loved one, our attorneys file wrongful death claims that help families acquire monetary compensation for the loss. Just like in a medical malpractice law suit, there is no way to put a price on your loss of a loved one. The victims of medical malpractice incidents leave reliant loved ones and even funeral expenses. Reimbursement from the one(s) at fault can lighten some or all of your economic worries. Our lawyers know that this is a difficult time for you and we are here to provide our knowledge and experience to "Make it Right".

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