Pittsburgh motorcycle accident lawyers

Pittsburgh Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Let our Pittsburgh motorcycle accident lawyers with the right resources, help you win your case. Over 39,000 innocent people are killed each year in motorcycle, truck, bus and car accidents in the United States. Approximately three million people suffer injuries from these types of auto accidents.

Vehicle accidents can be most serious injuries, including brain damage and spinal cord injury. For instance, 40 percent of all spinal cord injuries in the United States -- or about 5,000 annually -- are the consequence of motorcycle and truck accidents.

 Do not accept a check or sign anything from any insurance company before talking to one of our motorcycle accident attorneys specializing in this type of personal injury case.

 Our law firms motorcycle accident lawyers have extensive experience with all kinds of auto accidents. These are some of the pieces of information that the insurance company will want to know.

 They want to know where your motorcycle is placed to make sure that it is not accumulating storage charges from a tow company. If it is, they will ask you to call the tow shop and authorize the vehicle to be released. Most insurance companies will then move your motorcycle to one of their preferred body shops. If your motorcycle is at a towing company location, you should release it to your insurance company. Let them move it.

 They then want to know if your vehicle was damaged, and commonly where the damage is situated. You do not need to speak in auto terms — just tell them “driver’s side,” “passenger’s side,” “front,” “back,” etc... If the motorcycle is extremely damaged, let them know. If the damage is slight, let them know that as well.

 When they ask you what happened, they may ask you for a recorded statement. You are NOT required to allow them to record your statement. Your policy requires that you cooperate with your insurance company but there is nothing in most policies that demands you to give a recorded statement. Answer their questions but do not give them a recorded statement at this time. Tell them what you know, and if you are still shaken, tell them that you want a day or two to calm down, and then talk to them.

You should let them know if someone was hurt. You may have medical payments coverage that will pay any bills you suffer for injuries you sustain. They also need to know if anyone else was hurt. Tell them what you know, and if you are not sure if you are hurt, tell them that as well.

If you or anyone in your vehicle has been injured it is important to contact a lawyer to review your case. Insurance companies are in business to make money and will not give you the maximum compensation that you are allowed under the law. Our Pittsburgh motorcycle accident lawyers attempt to get a fair settlement and prepare for trial at the same time to get you what you deserve.