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Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorney Information.

Our Pittsburgh Personal injury Lawyers are here to make it right. You need our seasoned Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys working for you against insurance adjusters and big insurance companies in Pittsburgh or anywhere in Pennsylvania. Our Personal injury lawyers are personal and handle your injury case in a personal way with the presentation of compelling claims based on the specific details of your unique case. Our Pittsburgh injury Lawyers will investigate your case using the resources needed to lay a solid foundation for a solid personal injury case. This strong foundation can lead to the desired settlement or decisive fight in court if the defendants cannot agree on a payment. Our injury attorneys are prepared to go to trial if needed to fight for the injury compensation you deserve. The Personal Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael O'Day have spent decades working with tort law. Tort law is the area of law that permits you to file a personal injury claim against another person who has done something or failed to do something that has resulted in you or a loved one being seriously injured. 

When you are injured in an accident in Pennsylvania, you will most likely be called by the at-fault party's insurance company, who will be pressuring you to talk, meet up, sign papers, and even settle. This can be a significant indication that you may have a personal injury case. It's essential to speak to an experienced attorney before signing anything from the at-fault parties insurance company, attorney, or anyone else involved with the at-fault party and make sure you sign nothing before speaking to an attorney. Please don't make the mistake that our injury attorneys see far too often, not knowing you have a case. The only way to see if you have an injury case in Pennsylvania is to speak to an attorney.

A personal injury misfortune can leave a person in a very miserable situation. They may find themselves facing resistance when pursuing compensation for the negligence that results in a personal injury. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers handle a wide range of individual injury cases in and around Pittsburgh, PA, such as painful injuries produced by a car crash, work-related injuries, property owners, dangerous products, and much more.

A Pittsburgh Personal injury attorney can guide you through the process of filing a claim that may be able to help you become whole again financially due to a severe personal injury. When our Pittsburgh personal injury law firm handles your case, you can focus your attention on recovering from your injury while letting us investigate an injury case. One of the biggest mistakes when dealing with a potential personal injury case is waiting too long to consult with a personal injury attorney. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys answer the phone 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you believe that you have a personal injury case, do not hesitate to call as fresh memories about the details of your injury are very important. 

Our Pittsburgh accident attorneys know how to approach all details of a variety of personal injury matters. With the help of an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer, you can finally start feeling the relief you deserve in your perplexing situation.

When you file a lawsuit in Pennsylvania for personal injury and win, you will collect damages in the form of monies from the at-fault party. The information we have provided below will help you better understand the types of damages you may collect for your injury. 

Anyone may contact the Law Offices of Michael O'Day for a consultation at 412-281-1212. 

Types of Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury case damage recovery is designed to "make the plaintiff complete" after a personal injury has occurred. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. It is challenging to put a dollar amount on damages such as pain and suffering. The objective is to put the injured party back where they would have been if the accident never happened. Our Pittsburgh lawyers specialize in doing this in the most efficient way possible. 

The different kinds of personal injury damages that our Pittsburgh injury attorneys can help you collect.

The various damages obtained in a personal injury claim can differ contingent on the type of case, the conditions of the injury to the victim, and specific state laws. In most states, personal injury damages are as follows. The best way to determine what kinds of personal injury compensation you may be entitled to can only be determined by an injury attorney with years of experience dealing with individual injury cases like yours. The Law Offices of Michael O'Day specialize in all areas of personal injury and have the ability to provide you with the personal attention that many law firms are unable to deliver. Our law offices take pride in making things right so that you and your loved ones can continue to move forward in your lives.

Compensation for medical bills directly related to the accident caused by the defendant

When the injured party must undergo medical testing and medical treatment, or if the injured party is required to receive medical treatment, such as hospital time, nursing home time, and even physical therapy treatments, the defendant will be required to cover all of these costs. The medical damages must include every expense that the injured party has covered while receiving treatment. Future charges will also be evaluated.

Work wages lost due to the injury 

Reimbursement for lost income is also a piece of the damages to be awarded in a personal injury case. The award covers any work missed due to the injury or treatment of the injury. When the injured party has become permanently disabled and cannot work due to the injury, then the future wages that the injured person would have made throughout a lifetime may be paid by the defendant. This also holds true if the defendant is disabled and will have decreased wages due to the disability caused by the defendant. Lost wages are a significant issue that is often unknown to clients when they first contact us. Your missed work from a personal injury has cost you money. You must document any time off required for your injury treatment.

Compensation for pain and suffering from an injury

Compensation for pain and suffering caused by a personal injury is something that can reach high numbers in the courts. Because of this, insurance companies tend to try and settle the personal injury case too soon. The amount of personal injury compensation you deserve can be a complex process that only an experienced personal injury attorney can determine. A Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer with the complete knowledge and professional experience to fully understand your unique injury case will be able to make the party at-faults insurance company an offer that will be difficult for them to turn down.

Emotional distress from a personal injury

An accident can cause emotional distress. Post-traumatic stress can occur due to an accident. It is not uncommon for a victim to become fearful of getting behind the wheel again in a vehicle accident. The personal injury victim may even experience anxiety just getting into a vehicle with another driver. This emotional stress can be debilitating to a person. Loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and other emotional stress can also cause physical injury to the body. 

It was once common for courts to hold that emotional distress from a personal injury was not easy to put into monetary numbers. Because of this, it was challenging to fit emotional distress into the personal injury compensation. Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania courts have changed their perspective on this. This change has become very beneficial to those who have been injured in an accident. Suppose you are a victim of a personal injury. In that case, you should make sure to act fast after an accident or exposure of any kind. It can be challenging to prove a case of emotional distress. Contacting an experienced Pittsburgh Personal injury attorney ASAP is crucial in collecting the evidence needed to seek the personal injury compensation you are entitled to. Our Pittsburgh personal injury law firm has the resources to collect and analyze the evidence surrounding the accident.

Wrongful death resulting from a personal injury

Wrongful death resulting from personal injury lawsuits is brought on by family members who have lost a loved one in an unintentional or intentional accident. Only one person can file a wrongful death claim. These are very sensitive cases.

​Loss of companionship/loss of consortium resulting from personal injury 

Loss of companionship is an action brought by a family member of a person who has lost their life or has been changed substantially by the accident or injury caused by another. Compensation is offered for the person filing for the lost relationship.

If you or a family member have been a personal injury victim, please contact our injury lawyers for a free consultation. Our Pittsburgh lawyers can help you get the money you deserve to continue living the life you have been living.

Personal Injury from Auto Accidents Cars and Trucks

Driver error, distracted driver, under the influence, or plain recklessness can cause a motor vehicle accident that results in life-changing severe personal injury as well as physical, emotional, and financial damage. Even a minor injury can disrupt your life and cause you financial ruin. Protect yourself and your loved ones by having one of our experienced attorneys on your side fighting for you. With the growing use of mobile smartphones and text messaging, you and every driver on the road are at a greater risk of being injured by a driver who is answering a text message, e-mail, or anything else while operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted driving has become a severe concern to motorists, and personal injuries caused by distracted driving are on the rise. Distracted driving is not just limited to smartphone use. Personal injury attorneys must deal with cases where a driver had been eating, grooming, and even involved in face time or social media. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys will investigate to piece together the cause of your loved one's injury. 

Trucks are a valuable part of modern-day commerce. Still, trucks can cause severe or even fatal injuries when they are operated in an unsafe way. Our experienced personal injury lawyers handle all types of accidents involving trucks.

Medical Malpractice injury

​If you have trust in a physician, nurse, or any other medical staff and you have been injured, misdiagnosed, or have suffered harm in any way, you may be a victim of medical malpractice. This type of situation can change the course of your life. It is essential to get the appropriate advice and representation from our personal injury lawyers. Medical Malpractice is a unique type of personal injury that may require experts in the medical field and intensive research. The medical field is very complex. You need a Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer with the resources to investigate your injury or accident resulting from medical care properly. Our Pittsburgh injury attorneys have the necessary access to handle even the most complex injury or accident cases properly.

Aviation Accident Injury

Air travel can be an incredible experience when proper safety and conduct are followed by those you have entrusted with your life. An error by air travel professionals can lead to illness, injury, and even death. Suppose you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to an aviation accident. In that case, our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers can help you understand your options when dealing with the insurance companies involved so that you can get the compensation that you deserve.

​Nursing Home Abuse Injury

When in the care of nursing home staff, some nursing home patients may face maltreatment, neglect, or abuse. This is a personal injury incident that sometimes goes unnoticed until it is too late. When you place a loved one in a nursing home, your loved one should assume their safety. If you have a loved one who has been injured while under the care of a nursing home, our injury attorneys can help. Don't hesitate to contact our attorneys for a consultation to discuss your unique case.

Birth Injuries

The hazards of childbirth can rapidly lead to severe injuries or even death if the attending medical staff members are not thorough in handling the delivery. When under the care of a medical professional, you deserve the best possible care that includes proper training, well-rested, and careful medical personal. 

Our primary areas of focus:

Car Accident
Slip and Fall
Workers' Compensation
Industrial Accidents
Premises Liability Accidents
Full Tort Vs. Limited Tort
Wrongful Death Accidents
Construction Accidents
Liquor Liability
Negligent Security

​Our Personal injury law firm's car accident lawyers have extensive experience with all kinds of injuries resulting from auto accidents. These are some of the pieces of information that the insurance company will want to know.

They want to know where your car is placed to ensure that it is not accumulating storage charges from a tow company. If it is, they will ask you to call the tow shop and authorize the vehicle to be released. Most insurance companies will then move your car to one of their preferred body shops. If your vehicle is at a towing company location, you should release it to your insurance company. Let them move it. 

They then want to know if your vehicle was damaged and commonly where the damage is situated. You do not need to speak in auto terms — tell them "driver's side," "passenger's side," "front," "back," etc... no matter the extent of the damage, let them know.

The Law Offices of Michael O'Day can handle all types of personal injuries resulting from car accidents.

Our Pittsburgh car accident attorneys represent car accident victims of various car crash injuries on Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania roadways. Some of the most common car accidents that happen on Pittsburgh area roadways and even parking structures are many. Here are a few examples of auto accident types.

Drowsy-driving accidents: If a driver becomes tired and cannot focus on driving or falls asleep while operating a motor vehicle. Fatigued or drowsy driving is hazardous at all hours of the day. Sometimes drivers take medication that warns that it causes drowsiness. No matter what the situation, drivers are always required to have complete control of their vehicle in The State of Pennsylvania.

Distracted-driving Car accidents: This is a one-car accident that is becoming more common as smartphone usage has become more and more a part of our culture. Many don't know that smartphones are only part of the problem of distracted driving. Applying make-up, reading a newspaper, drinking a beverage, eating, listening to loud music, and so many other things can lead to a distracted driving car accident with injuries.

Head-on collisions: These are some of the worst accidents. Many cases result from illegal turns at intersections, speeding, aggressive driving, and distracted driving on a roadway with no median protection. Statistics say that head-on vehicle accidents account for only 2% of all motor vehicle accidents. Because of the velocity of each vehicle being combined, these accidents are some of the most catastrophic. They account for 18% of fatal accidents. An experienced injury lawyer can help guide you through the process and help prove the fault of the accident. 

Side-impact collisions: This is a car accident that happens when the front of one driver's car hits the side of another's car. There is minimal protection on the sides of vehicles. These accidents can cause severe injuries to the victim who was hit on the side of the car.

Sideswipe car accidents: Passing on a narrow street or driving in separate lanes on a parkway may lead to this type of auto accident. Our Pittsburgh personal injury Attorneys know how severe one of these personal injuries can be. Vehicles are designed to have some protection from rear-end and head-on collisions. The sides of vehicles are thin and provide minimal protection to the passengers. These accidents usually happen when one drive decides to change lanes without seeing the other car. Proving who is at fault in these injury cases requires the help of an experienced personal injury attorney with an understanding of how to investigate the accident properly. In Pittsburgh, we have many narrow roadways giving way to two-way traffic. These roads require drivers to pay attention and have control of their vehicles at all times.

Hit-and-run accidents: It is highly recommended that you seek the legal guidance of a Pittsburgh Car accident lawyer for a hit-and-run accident. Determining who is responsible and proving it can be very complicated in a hit-and-run car accident. There are many cameras located in public spaces. The right attorney will use these resources to their advantage. 

Drunk-driving crashes: Drunk-driving accidents have decreased over the years but still happen far too often. When a driver decides to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol, that driver puts everyone in their path at risk of becoming a car accident victim.

Rear-end collisions: These accidents are often referred to as fender benders, but they can cause severe, long-term injuries like whiplash and back injuries. These usually occur at stop signs and red lights. Drivers do not pay attention or give themselves enough time to stop to avoid hitting the car in front of them. In Pennsylvania, it is the responsibility of all drivers to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and be aware of what is happening with that vehicle, such as a slow down or a turn. Our injury attorneys are here to help. Although a rear-end crash may seem like a simple-to-prove at-fault case, the damages from the personal injury can be very in-depth or complex. You need an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury attorney who knows your rights and is ready to fight for you or your loved one. These types of personal injuries, along with all severe injuries, can have lifelong effects on your quality of life, and that is why our Pittsburgh injury attorneys are here to make it right.

Multi-vehicle pileups: These car accidents are complex and can range from fender benders to severe injury or even death. The number of vehicles involved can range from three or more. Due to the complexity of such car accident cases, reaching out to a Pittsburgh car accident injury lawyer can help you, or your loved one focus energy on healing instead of the confusion of dealing with insurance companies. 

When to pursue legal action after an accident

Whether or not to pursue legal action is an important one in any personal injury situation. When going through the typical insurance procedure, you may not recover all of the reimbursement to cover your medical bills and other significant expenses associated with the injuries. Also, if the other party does not have proper insurance, it could cause you to get stuck with the bill at no fault of your own. Getting stuck with a bill from a personal injury accident can affect your and your family's quality for years to come.

Though the insurance businesses have to represent the interests of their policyholders, these companies are also constantly thinking about their profit and loss. Insurance agencies will, in many cases, settle an injury claim early to avoid extra costs. You may be best advised to speak with a lawyer before settling.

Document as much information as possible surrounding your Pittsburgh personal injury.

Evidence is the single most crucial thing counted on in a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim. If it is safe to do so, take pictures of the accident or have someone take them for you, copy documents associated with bills from property damage, medical bills, and anything else necessary. Also, keep track of any loss in hours or days of work, such as sick days used due to personal injury. 

Contact our experienced Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorneys whether or not you decide to settle things through an insurance claim, a lawsuit, or both. It is wise to have a personal injury attorney representing you throughout your ordeal to ensure that you understand all of the paperwork and options you have moving forward with your injury claim. Our lawyers know the law, and our Pittsburgh lawyers are experts at describing the facts clearly and concisely. This understanding of the personal injury claim process gives you much more power during negotiations. It will help you to recover the maximum total compensation allowed by law in the state of Pennsylvania.

Because our injury lawyers are so knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, they can provide valuable advice about whether to sue or move forward with the insurance claim. The decisions that you make will make can and will affect the rest of your life. If our injury attorneys decide that you have a case, Our lawyers handle your issue with the most care. Our personal injury lawyers take a very close look at your unique situation and develop the appropriate approach in handling your case.

Pittsburgh Personal Injury Lawyers