Pittsburgh Burn Victim Lawyers

Burn injuries are a distressing and tremendously painful type of injury. Every year, approximately three million suffer accidental burns. The personal injury lawyers of The Law Offices of Michael O’Day in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania are prepared to represent you in the occasion of a burn accident.


The Many Causes of Burn Injuries 

Of the burn injuries that occur each year, almost 14

thousand result in death. Burn-related fatalities have become second only to vehicle accident-related fatalities in America. Whether the burn is the result of heat,
chemicals, or part of an accident, our experienced attorneys can help you acquire compensation for the wide-ranging medical treatment you must undergo to completely recover from the burn injury, as well as the discomfort and pain you have experienced. Some of the most common causes of burn injuries are:


Car Accidents

Defective Products

Scalding / Hot Water

Electrical Accidents

Lighters and Matches

Industrial Accidents

Gas Explosions

Gasoline Spills

Household Fires

Conditional on the situations surrounding your burn injury, our personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, along with experts, will work meticulously to construct and dispute your case effectively.


Categories of Burn Personal Injuries 

Burn injuries are classified into 3 key categories:


First-degree burns affect only the uppermost layer of skin
(epidermis) and have no swelling or blistering. A sunburn is a form of
first-degree burn.


Second-degree burns affect both the exterior layer of skin and the layer just below (dermis). The skin generally appears red, and can blister and swell up.


Third-degree burns are the utmost severe and damage all the layers of skin as well as some of the tissue beneath. Many times, the nerves in the skin are destroyed and burn victim feels very little pain in the beginning. The burn will turn colors. Soon after the burn, intense pain will follow and the skin will often be dry. As the burn heals, there will be dense scarring and skin grafts may be required.


The process of burn injury recovery Recovering from a burn related injury is a long, difficult, painful, and very costly experience for all of those involved. Burn injury hospital time is one of the most expensive personal injuries to treat.  It is important to recruit the expert assistance of our personal injury lawyers The Law Offices of Michael O'Day in Pittsburgh. With over 20 years of experience representing burn injury victims, our burn victim lawyers will protect your rights.