Pittsburgh Defective Product /Product Liability Lawyers

When purchasing an item, you expect it to be safe for you and your loved one. When items such as cars, toys, and appliances are not made properly, they can cause serious personal injury. If you or a loved one have been injured in an incident involving a defective product, contact our defective product lawyers to receive a free case evaluation. We have both the resources and experience to determine if you have a product liability case. We can walk you through the legal process and fight to get you the money that you deserve to compensate for the injuries you received. Your defective product case may include the manufacturer, wholesaler, installer and retail store owner. 

With a defective product suit, it is important to begin the process as close to the incident as possible. Our lawyers understand that importance of timing for a case with defective product manufacturing or accidents. We have fought hard for the people of Pittsburgh to ensure their rights and future are protected. 

If you have received: burns, cuts, bone fractures/breaks, scarring, piercing of skin, internal injuries, electrocution,  or any other form of bodily harm due to a products defectiveness, contact the law firm of Michael O'Day to start the process of making it right for you. 

-Was the product designed properly?

-Was it constructed properly, following the design?

- Did it come with clear and proper instructions to assist the consumer in handling the product?

These are just a few of the questions that need to determined regarding each defective product case.