Pittsburgh Dog Bite Lawyers

Pittsburgh Animal Attack Lawyers

A dog attack or dog bite can be a frightening event with long lasting trauma. The trauma and costs can be even more damaging when the victim of the dog attack is your child, which is very common even in the modern word with leash laws and many other laws in place. A dog bite can cause very serious injuries comprising of permanent scars, infections, disfigurement, injury to the nerves in the area and even soft-tissue damage. Unfortunately death can even occur as a result of a vicious canine attack, either directly, or due to an infection such as rabies. The Psychological damage can also last long after the physical damage rebuilds itself and heals.

Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania dog attacks and bites happen at any time and without warning. A leash less dog can attack you or your children while you are just having a nice day in the park with your family and friends. Many cases of dog attacks can happen while you are on the job ant someone’s house.  

The Pet owner has a responsibility to prevent dog bites

In the state of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, a dog owner is accountable for the behavior of their dog and that involves keeping that pet on a leash and away from others whom may be harmed. If a dog or any other pet attacks you, the owner of the dog and the owner’s homeowner’s insurance company may be accountable for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

In Pittsburgh and PA, animal attacks and dog bites are governed by a statute. In order to protect your rights or the rights of a loved one under the law, and proceed with a dog bite or animal attack claim, you need an experienced litigation attorney. Contact a dog bite lawyer lawyer at The Law Offices of Michael O’Day for a free consultation of your case.


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