Pittsburgh Rear End Accident lawyers

Pittsburgh Rear-end and T-Bone Collisions

Rear-end or T-bone collisions are very common varieties of car accidents, and either one can change your life in an instant. These accidents are often caused by distracted drivers, whether running a red light or not allowing enough lag time between their car and yours.


Our Pittsburgh based law offices are composed of dedicated legal advocates and knowledgeable lawyers in Pittsburgh and South Western, PA. We represent those operating the automobile and passengers who have been injured by a negligent driver whose car has struck their car or truck. Serious or life-altering injuries can result from collisions involving various amounts of force.


Our team will examine the accident scene and reconstruct exactly what happened based on the evidence gathered at the scene and witness statements. We will fight for you and prove the negligence of the driver who hit you. These accidents can result in serious injuries and lasting pain, including:


    Spinal cord injury

    Head and neck injuries

    Broken bones

    Traumatic brain injuries

    Lacerations to organs


    Wrongful death


It is important that you are provided the medical attention that you need as quickly as possible. Waiting for the insurance company to provide a benefit may not be an option.

Our Pittsburgh-based rear-end collision attorneys will help to ensure that you receive the care you require while we evaluate the legal situation. You will concentrate on healing and recovering and our Pittsburgh attorneys will examine the details of the accident, reconstructing exactly what happened and proving liability. We will deal with the insurance companies when they attempt to deny claims, doing everything we can to confirm that you are provided maximum damages.